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Is it really necessary to drink the elixir of the Immortals?

You will be even better if you drink as many as seven cups of tea a day,
following the advice of the sage, one Lu Tun

The first cup of tea assists the saliva secretion and quenches your thirst;
The second one makes you strong and lifts your spirit;
Тhe third aids the digestion and fatty food procession;
The fourth cup of tea makes you perspire and cures the common cold;
The fifth makes you lose flab;
The sixth stimulates your thinking and strengthens your memory;
The seventh cup of tea prolongs your life.

In China there is a popular home saying, which is literally translated as “sickness is healed by swallowing it”. Since in China tea is drunk during the whole day the prevailing expectations are to maintain an optimum state of health. Every family heals the little collapses in health by home medicines based on tea. The slight sicknesses are cured by drinking tea so there is no need of doctor. The curative teas contain ingredients, which are fundamental in a Chinese household.

The scientific researches of tea have shown that it contains a cocktail of health ingredients like vitamins, flavonoids and polyphenols. Maybe the most astonishing progress in the medical researches was a recent valuation made by scientists from the medical faculty in Harvard. They found that a man who drinks one cup of tea a day can reduce the risk of heart attack with 44%. This is due to the strong antioxidants in tea, which react against the fatty accumulations in arteries.

- It is most recommended to drink tea between two feedings. Do not drink a very strong tea also immediately after meal. Not very hot nor chilled.

- Take teas in turns. Our organism needs variety. In the morning the Green Tea with Ginseng or with Jasmine is recommended. If you have stomach problems or you have caught
a cold, the Green Tea with Aloe and Ginger is for you.

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