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One of the most common manifestations of hormonal disbalance in women is mastopathy. Many women face this problem and live in constant fear of its further development. They can feel painful masses of cyclic nature in different parts of the breasts, and sometimes even the so called “lump”, which scares them to death. I would recommend those women not to panic because very often behind these symptoms hides mastopathy in its different forms. However, this can only be found by a specialized doctor with the necessary diagnostic methods and observations.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers a natural product, which can reverse the changed tissue of the mammary gland to its normal state. This is the food supplement Rupixiao. Rupixiao has a positive and harmonizing effect on the functional cycle hypothalamus-hypophysis-ovaries and all processes regulated by this cycle. It normalizes the function of the liver, which is a necessary condition for the normal hormonal balance to be restored. Rupixiao is not a hormonal product. Chinese doctors think that it is a good product for the initial and medium stages of mastopathy. Clinical tests have shown that in the majority of cases there is a tendency towards improvement of the condition of the mammary gland tissue, the painful syndrome either decreases or disappears completely. 

The tests are conducted with women aged 20 to 45 who suffer mastopathy in its both forms: Fibrocystic with predominant fibrosis and with predominant cysts. The dose was 5 capsules (tablets) three times a day, one hour after meal, for 1 month. The results of the clinical tests are as follows:
• The painful syndrome disappeared on the seventh day
• Positive echographic dynamics
• Improved self-esteem in 90% of the patients

The formula is counter-indicative in case of pregnancy, nursing, individual intolerance, age up to 17, malignant tumors. Rupixiao shall not be taken together with homeopathic medicines and other Traditional Chinese medicinal products. 

During the first week, the recommended intake is 2 capsules three times a day after eating. For the second and third week - 3 capsules three times a day. For the fourth week - 4 capsules three times a day. The maximum course is three months, twice a year.
*It is advisable to objectivise the results with echographic monitoring.

Packing: 36 tablets

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