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Contents (500 mg tablet): Spirulina 490 mg                   

Spirulina is a millions of years old blue-green aglae. One of the richest sources of nutritive substances known so far.

Why Spirulina?

The richest source of beta-carotenes (provitamin A) - 25 times more than in raw carrots.
The richest source of vitamin B12. Contains 2 to 6 times more vitamin B12 than veal
       which is considered to have the highest content of B12.
The richest source of iron. Contains 50 times more than spinach.
The richest source of vitamin E - times more than in wheat grains. 

Its biologic activity is higher by 49% than that of the synthetic vitamin E. 

The richest source of antioxidants.
Contains the range of practically all natural antioxidants, including vitamin B1, B5, B6,
       the minerals zinc, manganese, copper, amino acids, methionine, selenium.
The richest source of gamma-linolenic acid.
The richest source of chlorophyll.
 It has soft cell wall, composed of carbohydrates and proteins.
Stimulates immunity, lowers cholesterol, its regular use maintains the balance of intestinal
microflora, which is destroyed by pathogenic bacteria and the fungus Candida.

Regular consumption of Spirulina can help to maintain high level of vital hygiene.
The recommended intake is 1 capsule three times a day after meal.

Directions for use: 2-3 tablets twice a day after meal

Packing: 90 tablets

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