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Kidney Tea Bulk

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Ingredients: Aerva Lanata, Cassia auriculata and Aegle marmelos

Kidney Tea is successfully applied for nephrolithiasis, infection of urinary paths, nephralgic crises, tumefactions and gout. The tea decreases the concentration of uric acid, alters the urine's pH, dissolves some of the renal calculuses and helps for their excretion.

Kidney Tea has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and is suitable for uroinfections.

Aerva Lanata is a one-year plant with height of 60-75 cm., often dendriform in its basis, with green upright stalks. The plant comes out during the whole year. Its flowers are greenish-white and very small, and its seeds are with black colour. This plant is widely distributed in Sri Lanka , Malaja, Java, Sumatra and in tropical Africa . Aerva Lanata contains a certain quantity
of tannic acid - sitosteril palpitate , amirin and sitosterol. The plant has a diuretic and relieving effect and is used for treatment of lithiasis (calculous disease).

The Kidney tea is used once or twice a day depending on the gravity of the complaints. The hot drink is made with one pinch of the tea put in 250 ml hot water, it remains for 5-10 minutes and after that the tea is ready for drinking. The optimum dose is 1-2 packages. It is appropriate to use Kidney Tea at presence of microorganisms in the urine, acid pH, high uric acid levels, nephralgic crises and gouty attacks.

Packing: 50 g 

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