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Dear Customers,

If you have any questions in regard to Health from the East online shop send us an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't forget to check the Terms and Conditions box so you can confirm your order. Please, fill carefully your address details required in the obligatory *fields. Don't forget to leave your phone number.

A little reminder to use the special discount codes if you have order

for minimum 30 or 60 eur.

The special discount codes are accordingly:

HFE60 / HFE120

You can fill in the discount codes in the blanc space under your purchase and then you click the SAVE button.

Thank you!


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Purchasing and Delivery Zones

Dear Customers,

Good to know before purchasing our products! 

Clients from Europe and EU:

If you purchase from Europe and European Union countries it is easy to make an order on our platform. The Total of your order includes cost of goods and cost of shipment by DPD from door to door. However there is no option to pay your order directly on our platform. You will additionally receive an Invoice on your e-mail with Total Sum, which you can pay via on-line payment platforms (Credit/Debit Card) or via direct Bank transfer. Once the order and respective payment are registered by us on the other day your parcel will be dispatched to your address. Delivery time is 2-7 days.

NON EU Clients [Delivery Zone World]: 

If you purchase from countries outside Europe and European Union - Delivery Zone World [USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Middle East, Russian Federation etc.] it is a two-step purchasing process. The first step is to make an order on our on-line shop. You will see only the cost of the purchased products without shipment cost. As we receive your order we will examine your country health supplements restriction status and the most convenient delivery service. If we are allowed to send you the requested products to your country you will be notified by e-mail. The second step is to receive an Invoice from us on your e-mail with Total Sum of your order (Goods & Shipment), which you can pay through on-line payment platforms with your Credit/Debit Card or via direct Bank transfer. Once the payment of the goods and the shipment cost are registered by us on the other day your parcel will be dispatched to your address. Delivery time is 5-15 days.

If any questions emerge in regard to purchasing do not hesitate to contact us!

Be healthy!

Information about products

HFE International Vege Info2

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The following products are about to be delivered:

- Maitake Beta Factor (Asian Mushrooms)

- Anti-Adipose Tea (Health Teas)




- Green Tea Aloe vera (Tonic Teas)

- Green Tea Jasmine (Tonic Teas)

- Green Tea Ginger (Tonic Teas)

- Green Tea Ginseng (Tonic Teas)

- Reishi Tea (Health Teas)




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